Before classes…

The Studio is being opened about 30 minutes before the first morning class, and similarly before the first afternoon class.
Bring comfortable, convenient outfit for practice. We practice barefoot on special non-slip yoga mats. You can rent a mat in Studio for PLN 5.

Try not eating for at least 2 hours before a class.

If you have any health problems, injuries, or if you are pregnant, you should notify the instructor about that, before beginning of the class.

Class descriptions:

Classes for beginners

For complete beginners and for those who want to get familiar with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. We also invite ladies after childbirth (6 weeks after the natural one, 12 weeks after cesarean section).
You will learn basic yoga postures (asanas) and the sequence of Surya Namaskara there. You will learn the Ujjayi (victorious breath) technique, the Bandhas (energetic locks) technique and Drishti (gaze points).
You will gain strength, get rid of stress from body and you will relax the mind.


You will get familiar with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, known as Yoga Chikitsa, what means yoga therapy. It’s an unaltered sequence of complementary poses. One stays in asana for 5 breaths. The connection of movement and active breathing gives the sauna effect. The heat generated, cleanses the body from toxins, the muscles strengthen and soften more easily. Despite the effort, when you finish the practice, you are relaxed.

Vinyasa Flow

It’s a dynamic practice, based on the Sun Salutation sequence. Smooth movements, connected with warming Ujjayi breathing, strengthen and stretch a body, and allow us to focus on the present moment. The focusing goes deeper, we can calm down. The pace is varied, we stay in asanas for 5 to 10 breaths. Each session ends up with relaxation, which gives the feeling of internal balance.
Caution: You get greater benefit from that classes if you have some experience with the Sun Salutation practice. That’s why for complete beginners we recommend to learn poses and breathing by taking a part in beginners classes.

Vinyasa Rozciągająca (Streching Vinyasa)

Easier than Vinyasa Flow, this practice is fit to beginners’ abilities.

Hatha Joga

The classes guided according to the B. K. S. Iyengar method. We do all the asanas very precisely. Thereby we expand our consciousness by working on the body. Slow pace helps us to calm the mind. Very characteristic for this style is that we use props like blocks, belts, ladder, etc. They support people suffering from various ailments and limitations. By practicing regularly, you improve functioning of cardiovascular, immune, and digestive system. You improve your balance and your ability to concentrate.

Pilates Basic

Pilates is a system of exercises that wandered to our country from United States recently.
These exercises delight with their diversity, combine the richness of breathing techniques and elements of dance and gymnastics. The great advantage of this method is that it has a beneficial impact on our health, especially on the spine. This technique provides all what our body needs, in the most safe and reliable way. Pilates method differs from the most sports exercises and gymnastics, by focusing on small and weak muscles, which are often forgotten.

Pilates Flow

Inspired by vinyasa – the dynamic form of yoga, in which you move smoothly from one pose to another. These classes have a slightly faster and more intense pace comparing to Pilates Basic. They combine elements of yoga just mentioned and elements of more quiet Pilates, which makes your body slim. Level: intermediate.

Pilates Core

If you’re a dancer, you’re running, playing other sports, or just enjoying an active lifestyle, this workout is for you. With Pilates Core you gain body awareness necessary to exercise sports, but also to perform daily activities such as lifting or bending. Carefully selected set of poses and sequences will prepare your body for any challenge. Pilates Core focuses on correct movement patterns, that is correct tension and stretch of the muscles. We also add proper breathing to that kind of work. We refine basic poses, and when we reach perfection, we go further by introducing more complex exercises to the training. Therefore, for this training we invite people who like precision and work with mindfulness and concentration. As a reward you will receive: a healthy body and relaxed mind. Level: basic / intermediate.


Jogalates is a combination of meditative, quite yoga practice and  dynamics and precision of Pilates. Exercises, using asana, strengthen the spine, relax the muscles with particular emphasis on the deep muscles – responsible for protecting the internal organs and spine.

Regular jogalates practice gives a dual benefit – from both, both yoga and Pilates – stabilizes the pelvis, deepen awareness of the body, calms, regulates breathing, helps the circulatory system, stimulates the endocrine system, eliminates muscle tension, accustomes  to the correct body posture, releases

Exercising  jogalates  is recommended especially for those who want to lose weight,
for women after childbirth, people suffering from back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis.
These classes are adjusted to each age group.

Prenatal Hatha / Zdrowy kręgosłup (healthy spine)

These exercises are being done at a slow pace. We focus on the deep muscles that stabilize the spine. We strengthen the abdomen, stretch the legs, relax the hips. All of that soothes tight muscles and overloaded joints. Mild practice will also help to deepen the breath, which has a positive impact on reducing stress and chilling out.
The classes are preventive. Aimed also for pregnant women.

Prenatal Flow / Kobiety w ciąży (for pregnant women)

Classes for ladies after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Childbirth is compared to running a marathon. That’s why here you will improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthen the legs and hands. You will learn to breathe correctly. An important element here is Kegel exercises on pelvic floor muscles, which are also important after delivery. The exercises soothe a sore lower back. They will let you relax and calm down.
Practice during pregnancy has a positive effect on the normal development of the fetus. Furthermore it improves metabolism, facilitates childbirth, eg. by reducing the painful contractions and helps to quickly recover after childbirth.

Joga Dzieci

Classes dedicated to children aged 5 – 13 years.
The exercises increase children’s physical fitness, build their strength and flexibility, teach them how to maintain a good posture, preventing from degeneration of the spine.
Furthermore, their ability to concentrate improves and children have a better memory. Practicing yoga at an early age increases the self-esteem and self-confidence. A child deals with everyday stress and also stimulates the imagination.

Mama i Dziecko

Exercises for parents who come along with their child.

The class plan is prepared so that parents can exercise in the presence of their children, and some exercises to do together with them. It has been enhanced with training and massage of the baby, supporting its development. The classes allow mothers to get quickly back in shape after giving birth, help in losing extra kilos and strengthen the abdomen, neck and back.

The baby may participate in the exercises, or sleep, or play, depending on its mood or phase of the day. In the corner you will find books, toys, puzzles, which enrich its time.

Vinyasa Flow in English with Alfonso Cazenave

Mix a cup of conscious breath with a cup of body awareness, season with playfulness and sprinkle with some challenges, then simmer slowly until it makes you sweat, and voilà! Enjoy your slow vinyasa in English!