Alfonso Cazenave

Being a natural born warrior, or so I thought, yoga was never on my list. I trained rugby, volleyball and capoeira for years until a series of coincidences and injuries led me to it – for the first time in 2004 (Iyengar style) and, after a lengthy break, again around 2011 (Ashtanga).

I credit yoga and the development of physical awareness, together with mindful bodywork, with having spared me a few surgeries, maybe even sparing me from the wheelchair some doctors had predicted due to spinal damage. Yoga has also taught me to listen more and demand less of myself and of others, to be more patient, struggle less and try to find stability and ease, even when ‘life-asana’ becomes challenging: to keep doing what I do, respect my present limitations and state, and appreciate small improvements without trying to attain some ideal of perfection. While my Instagram may never be the most inspiring for others, I hope my experience can be of use.

I have practiced Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Primary Series, and several kinds of Vinyasa, as well as Yin Yoga. The meditative aspect of yoga helps me stay attuned daily to my current needs, while I train both my body and my mind to be stronger, more resilient and more flexible. Far from rigid discipline or orthodox views, I take a consciously playful approach to asana practice.

Apart from yoga and movement, my main areas of interest are bodywork (I practice and teach Contemporary Thai Massage), music, languages and travelling.